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Since 2004, Ruvos has been a leading provider of data integration and information exchange services for the healthcare industry.

Our roots go back to the development and implementation of the APHL AIMS Platform which revolutionized the way public health agencies and laboratories shared critical information rapidly

We did so securely, and in compliance with regulatory standards across the nation. AWS provided the key infrastructure to make the AIMS Platform highly scalable and reliable, making it the backbone of public health data exchange in the United States for over a decade. Ruvos has been partnering with AWS to continue to push bleeding edge solutions ever since. Ruvos is an industry leader providing  cybersecurity, cloud computing, data integration, data intelligence and analytics, and secure web apps to partners worldwide.

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We deliver superb solutions that consistently leverage AWS best practices. Our partners know they can expect industry-leading excellence from our team.

Ruvos: Adventure Flows Within

As we say goodbye to 2023, I am excited to announce that next year marks a significant milestone for Ruvos – our 20th anniversary. While 20 years is a notable milestone for any company, it’s all the more significant for a solutions provider in health technology, where startups seem to come and go with the […]

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Ruvos gets listed!

Data Integration, Analytics, & Security for Public Health and Healthcare Since 2004, Ruvos has led nationally in health technology, integrating cloud computing, interoperability, data intelligence and analytics, and cybersecurity to build and maintain much of the country’s public health infrastructure and improve healthcare delivery. Our commitment to innovation, excellence, and positive community impact has cemented […]

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Accelerating the secure exchange of public health data with AIMS, powered by Ruvos and AWS

When battling infectious diseases and monitoring for emerging threats, how do public health officials determine their deployment of scarce resources and stay ahead of rapidly changing situations? The answer lies in data — information showing which disease variants are spreading, where cases are spiking, how many people are vaccinated, and many more essential details. However, […]

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Our team members constantly expand their mastery of the cloud’s expansive offerings, and their expertise is backed by AWS.

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