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These products are developed and engineered within the Ruvos brand.


WellConnector is a health tech startup on a mission to make new patient paperwork a thing of the past. WellConnector partners are creating “a precheck for patient health,” designing a platform that will allow patients to securely and easily share health history with providers, making new visits more efficient and ensuring accurate medical information is readily available to better inform healthcare decisions.

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Integrity Platform

A joint effort between the Bureau of Infectious Diseases and Ruvos, the Integrity Platform implements Scalable Data Ingress, Integrity Platform Application, Data Validation, Data Quality Alerts, and Anomaly Detection.

Improving data ingress with a highly scalable SFTP solution coupled with upfront data validation and anomaly detection significantly enhances the quality of data and velocity of onboarding new facilities. Providing a web application for data senders and Electronic Lab Reporting stakeholders to track data sent, data quality reports, and notifications of anomalous activity would provide a much-needed feedback loop from which data and process improvements can originate.

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