Our teams are at our core of everything we do

A collection of some of the most talented and experienced professionals working together to modernize public health across the planet, Ruvos is composed of more than 100 team members across 21 states in the U.S. and South Africa.

Ruvos Team Spotlight

Software Development

Our Software Development team rocks! They’re like coding superheroes, whipping up innovative solutions with a blend of mad skills and a seriously cool teamwork vibe. These folks turn complex problems into smooth, glitch-free magic – our secret sauce for tech success!

Team Member Spotlight

Linda Min

Linda Min, our accomplished Product Manager, is a strategic visionary who navigates product development and delivery, with finesse. Her unique skillset and effective leadership consistently elevate our products, solutions and services, positioning them as innovative solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Ruvos Teams

Work with Ruvos

Project Management

The Ruvos Project Management Organization works closely with our customers and partners and across our technical teams to identify solutions, build executable plans, and deliver results.  With backgrounds that range across healthcare, public health, strategic consulting, community and behavioral health, and government operations, our project managers have deep expertise in building and leading cross-functional project teams, navigating across complex partnership and regulatory landscapes, and delivering tangible solutions.

Data Integration

The Ruvos Data Integration team keeps data moving, both within and across systems.  Our integration experts specialize in uniting data from diverse sources and establishing secure, efficient connections across complex applications and systems to ensure that our customers have accurate, timely, high quality data when and where they need it.


The Ruvos DevOps team integrates development and software operations to enable rapid code deployment with continual refinement and improvement.  Working closely with the Ruvos SecOps team, we imbue security throughout our software development cycles to ensure our partners’ data remain secure and accessible.


The Ruvos SecOps team builds and maintains secure cloud-based environments to ensure that our partners’ sensitive data move efficiently and securely.  Using industry-standard best practices for data security, our SecOps team ensures compliance with health tech and privacy regulations, including HIPAA and FISMA.

Software Development

The Ruvos Software Development team designs, programs, and tests software solutions to solve challenges and meet the needs of our customers.  Our team of developers have expertise in a wide range of programming languages, enabling us to make improvements to customers’ existing systems as well as build novel solutions from scratch.

Data Intelligence

The Ruvos Data Science team unites expertise in computer science, statistics, and analytics with deep knowledge of the fields of public health and epidemiology to create products and services that help public health agencies monitor the flow and quality of their data and glean insights that inform agencies’ decision making and resource allocation.

Geo Miller

Innovation Center of Excellence

With its unwavering commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve, Ruvos developed the Innovation Center of Excellence to invest in the incubation and development of new products, tools, and solutions.  Ranging from software to project management tools to cloud computing efficiencies, ICE incubates ideas from across Ruvos teams to make improvements across the company and for our partners.

Executive Team

With backgrounds in data integration, computer science, business administration, and customer service, Ruvos’ executive team built a company that was poised for immediate action at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and is leading the field in data modernization to ensure systems worldwide are more resilient and better prepared for the next global health challenges.

HR & Company Culture

The Ruvos team has grown rapidly in the midst of dramatic global shifts in how and where work occurs.  Though our hybrid team spans 18 states, 2 countries, and 5 time zones, Ruvos invests substantially in cultivating a close-knit, collaborative culture that remains centered in people, relationship, and impact.  The Ruvos HR team attracts diverse, talented team members, fosters ongoing learning opportunities, and supports team members’ pursuit of further education, experience, and skill development. 

Production Operations

The Ruvos Production Operations team provides ongoing support to our customers and partners to ensure their systems and tools work effectively and remain up-to-date and secure.

Business Operations

The Business Operations Department (BizOps) serves as the backbone of our organization, tasked with the responsibility of managing and standardizing internal company operations to ensure efficiency and operational excellence. Tasked with a diverse range of responsibilities, BizOps plays a pivotal role in supporting various facets of our business.