Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

Proud to represent his grandparents and parents who are members of the Cuban exile community, Eddie works to make them proud while trying to show others from different cultures that one can accomplish amazing things if you work hard and always do what is right.

Ruvos has been in business for 18 years and Tallahassee has been extremely supportive of their endeavors. Eddie and the Ruvos team are grateful to be part of Tallahassee’s growing technology and entrepreneurship ecosystem and believe that the Capitol City will continue to be a premier location on the world map when it comes to these sectors.

Eddie’s Prediction: Tallahassee will be called “The Data Capital of the World” soon.

Eddies advice to budding entrepreneurs: Do you have an idea? Try it. Don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from it. Become stronger from it. Make sure you create a strong network of professionals and mentors to collaborate and never give up.

Eddie also plays a key role in Launch Tally: “Through our work with the Chamber of Commerce’s TPM initiative, we created a movement to highlight Tallahassee growing tech ecosystem. From creating an online “yellow pages” of our tech companies to working with the aerospace industry to bring a rocket to Tallahassee. Launch Tally’s successes will symbolize that tech does live here and the future for tech in our community is very bright!”